Is acupuncture safe?

Studies and research have found that acupuncture is extremely safe. The results of two independent surveys published in the British Medical Journal (MacPherson, et al. 2001; White, et al. 2006) concluded that “the risks associated with acupuncture can be classified as negligible, and acupuncture is a very safe treatment in the hands of competent practitioners”.

Only single-use sterile needles are used, which are disposed of immediately in a special container that is collected and incinerated by a licensed contaminated waste handler.

Undesirable side-effects do occasionally occur, but these are mild and self-correcting. The most common side-effect is a feeling of relaxation or drowsiness after a treatment, which should be short-lived. If this occurs, we recommend that you rest for a short time before driving or operating machinery. Sometimes a small bruise may appear at the site of a needle insertion – again, this should disappear within a few days.

I don’t like needles. Can you still help me?

If you’re still worried, do come for a chat! You can book a £10 half-hour taster session for acupuncture either online, or by calling 07582 234578.


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