What happens in a tui na treatment?

A first tui na massage appointment takes around 90 minutes. I’ll do a detailed initial consultation with you. If you take any prescribed medications, please bring a packet of each medication with you to this first consultation.

Tui na is a fully-clothed massage technique, and patients are covered throughout with a light cotton sheet. Through this sheet, your affected muscles and joints are massaged and manipulated using a range of techniques designed to soften muscles, allow blood to flow more easily, and restore range of movement, function and correct alignment.

Your first consultation will always include a treatment, because this is helpful to allow me to diagnose and understand the condition of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and general connective tissue, and to detect congested or weak tissue that will respond to treatment. Tui na is a vigorous form of massage, and in your first treatment I’ll vary the strength of the techniques to work out where your ‘comfort zones’ are and what strength is therapeutically effective.

Following the first appointment, I’ll work with you to plan your treatment tailored to your individual health needs, and as your treatment plan progresses I’ll vary the techniques, pressure and level of challenge I offer your muscles and joints, to progressively reduce pain and restore function.

With your consent, I may also use some or all of these additional therapies:

  • cupping (an ancient Chinese technique using glass ‘suction cups’ on the surface of the skin to work muscle and relieve pain);
  • moxibustion (a technique of burning a Chinese herb close to the skin to warm areas of your body and stimulate the immune system);
  • An Mou Rou, a Chinese massage cream that warms muscles and stimulates blood flow (I formulate this myself using organic ingredients);
  • a TDP heat lamp (a ‘far-infrared’ device) to increase microcirculation and accelerate skin healing;
  • ear seeds, tiny ‘retained’ seeds or magnets applied to acu-points on the ear, that you can activate whenever you like between your treatments.

A normal course of treatment for tui na is around five to six treatments, depending on the severity of your condition and how long you’ve had it. Most patients notice a difference within one to three treatments.

There are very few negative side-effects from tui na; any that do occasionally occur, such as drowsiness or light-headedness, are mild and self-correcting. Most people feel a sense of deep relaxation and calmness after every session. Sometimes you may get a flare-up of symptoms before improvement happens – this is known as a ‘healing crisis’ and is a positive sign indicating that your body is responding to treatment.

If you ever have any concerns about any reaction to tui na, don’t forget you can always call me on 07582 234578 or email me on karen@acutu.co.uk.

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for a tui na treatment – although it helps if you can eat a light meal a couple of hours before a treatment, and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

If you’d like to know more about how tui na massage can help you, please book a £10 half-hour taster session for tui na. You can either book online, or call on 07582 234578.